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Red Sonja cosplay wp starring Desiree Cosplay by SWFan1977
Red Sonja cosplay wp starring Desiree Cosplay
A new Red Sonja cosplay wallpaper starring this time Desiree Cosplay.  I used this photo of her at a con with a severed head and sent her to the Giant's Causeway in Ireland.  I then added some blurring and recolored the image to make is seem not only at sunset but a little otherworldly as well.  As a final touch I enlarged the head so Sonja beheaded a larger monster than before.  ENJOY!

Made with Photoshop Elements 12.  A special thanks to Desiree Cosplay for letting me make this wallpaper.

Check out her page here:…

Red Sonja created by Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith, and Robert E. Howard
Model: Desiree Cosplay
RED SONJA (C) 2014 Dynamite Entertainment
V for Vendetta wp by SWFan1977
V for Vendetta wp
I got inspired to make another V for Vendetta wallpaper when November the 5th rolled around this year.  I got caught up with other stuff and finished it just now.  For this one I decided to kind of reprise a scene from the movie where V does graffiti on a poster promoting Norsefire.  I created a wall and then placed a poster with the V symbol over it.  I then added the man himself and made a logo to go along with the symbol.


Made with Photoshop Elements 8.

V FOR VENDETTA created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
V FOR VENDETTA: (C) 2013 Warner Brothers Entertainment
V for Vendetta (C) 2013 DC Comics Inc.
Conan The Barbarian wp by SWFan1977
Conan The Barbarian wp
Another Conan wallpaper I made based on the 1982 movie starring Arnold.  As with my previous one I wanted to make it appear like the picture was carved into a type of rock.  This time I wanted it to look like it was carved into ivory.  I used the shot of a charging army i had previously used in one of my Wonder Woman wallpapers.   I then added a shot of Arnold and the film's logo.  Then I finished things off by putting it through the carving process and recoloring every thing to make it white like ivory.  ENJOY!!

Made with Photoshop Elements 12

Conan created by Robert E. Howard
Photo (C)  Arnold Schwarzenegger
CONAN THE BARBARIAN (C) 1982 Dino De Laurentiis Corporation/Universal Pictures/20th Century Fox
Conan (C) 2014 Conan Properties Inc./Paradox Entertainment Inc.

by Matt Oldham

Part One:

Long, Long, Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away…….

There was a boy unlike any other. It was said that this boy had a destiny, a great destiny. He was meant to bring balance to the Force and save the galaxy. But then the boy suffered a terrible loss and was denied the one who should have been his teacher. Fear came to grow in his heart, a fear that he would lose everyone he cared about. That fear turned to anger when his mother was taken from him. That anger turned to hatred of the Jedi Order that he blamed for his inability to control the events unfolding around him. That hatred turned into the suffering of all those he cared for when he betrayed them in his mad quest for power.

This is how the story of the boy went as it echoed through the galaxy. Its' fate decided by the simple closing of a door. However, the one constant of the Universe is change, and as one door closes, another opens!


    “Oh no, I'm not going to make it!

    The thought screamed through Obi-Wan's head as he raced down the corridor in the reactor bay of the Naboo castle. He could see in the distance his mentor Qui-Gon Jinn battling the mysterious Sith Lord they had encountered here as the battle to retake the planet from forces of the Trade Federation raged above. They had fought the man to a standstill, now he had separated them with these force fields, the last one of which was about to close on him.

    Obi-Wan had two choices, he could either stop running now and avoid hitting the barrier all together, or he could make a possible suicidal leap through it. For a second he thought of stopping but then he raced forward, barely making it through the last shield as it closed!  He saw the chamber had circular walkways surrounding a pit and Qui-Gon was forcing the Sith Lord around the left side.

    “This ends now,” he quietly declared as he used his Force Speed to race around the other way to cut the Sith Lord off. As he rounded the bend of the walkway he saw that the Sith had blocked a half dozen attacks from Qui-Gon's lightsaber. Now the Sith thrust one end backwards towards him.

    “He's expecting to attack me as before," Kenobi thought. Learning from past encounters with the Sith Lord, he came upon his enemy's back, blocked the saber thrust, leapt up and with his forward momentum, slammed his feet into his opponent's back. He lashed out with all the power he had and the drop kick caught the Sith completely by surprise!

    As he landed on the ground Kenobi watched the Sith stagger forward off balance right into Qui-Gon's path. The Sith had actually let go of his double sided lightsaber by one hand. It was all the advantage Qui-Gon needed. To Kenobi's astonishment he saw his mentor in what seemed like one deft move slice up with his saber, cutting the Sith's weapon in two. Then without missing a beat he delivered a reverse leg sweep that knocked his opponent clean off his feet and sent him sprawling to the ground in front of the hallway of force fields.

    Kenobi flew to his feet and joined his master as they moved in on their enemy. The Sith was on the ground for maybe a second before he leaped up into a crouching position facing the Jedi. Kenobi knew the Sith could hear the hum of the force field behind him and that there was no escape. He still had one half of his lightsaber in his hand, the other half had fallen into the pit behind them now.

    “It's over, surrender now,” bellowed Qui-Gon on Kenobi's left side as they faced the Sith. Kenobi stared down at the strange, horned-head humanoid for a moment, anticipating his next move. Baring his teeth, the Sith ignited his remaining lightsaber and attacked them with a wide, underhand, figure eight arc. Kenobi and Jinn blocked the multiple strikes the seemed to rain down on their blades from the Sith's weapon. Kenobi knew this was meant to buy some time so that the Sith could either find a better advantage spot against them, or wait till the force fields came down and he could make a run for it. Still the fury of the blows nearly staggered the young Jedi, he could not believe the power this Sith was unleashing against them. Even in the face of near certain defeat, the Sith would not yield.

    Then it happened, the Sith's blade came to a sudden stop against Jinn's and the two became engaged in a bind. At that moment both the Sith and Jinn went for a Force push and their hands became locked in a bind as well. Time appeared to slow to a crawl just then as Kenobi made his move. Coming in right between them, he let loose with a downward strike that went straight through the arms of the Sith! For the first time since the fight began Kenobi heard a sound come out of the Sith. It was a cry of agony as the warrior dropped to his knees, his arms cut down to stumps just past the elbow!

    “Now it is over, you are beaten,” said Qui-Gon as he and Kenobi stood over the warrior with their sabers still ignited. The Sith looked up at them with a face of absolute fury and disgust. Kenobi had never seen such hatred in the face of another sentient being before. The red lines on the Sith's face seemed to burn hotter than the fires of Malastare at that moment. His eyes went back and forth from Jinn to Kenobi, then they settled straight ahead.

    “Sith....are...never...beaten,” screamed the warrior as he jumped to his feet and pushed his way past the two Jedi, narrowly avoiding their lightsabers! Obi-Wan immediately knew what he was planning to do as he watched the Sith run straight towards the pit in the middle of the room.

    “No,” screamed Obi-Wan as he watched the Sith dive into the pit! Reaching out with all the Force he could muster, Kenobi grabbed the Sith and yanked him towards them as hard as he could. The Sith hurtled past them through the air. Kenobi's premature smile of triumph faded when he saw where his foe was going. The Sith slammed into the force field and for a moment he hung there suspended off the ground. The scream Kenobi had heard come out of the Sith before was nothing compared to the howl of agony the Sith made as his body was burned by the energy blazing through it from the field. For what seemed like an eternity the Sith hung there, then his body fell to the floor with a resounding thud.

    The body still crackled with energy as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan rushed to see if the Sith was still alive. The Sith's back had been severely scorched, reducing his robes to tatters.

    “By the Force I am sorry, Master, I didn't know this would happen!”

    “It's not your fault, Obi-Wan. I, too, grabbed him with the Force and flung him back. Clearly it was our combined strength that threw him into the field,” Qui-Gon said as he inspected the body of the Sith.

    “Is he dead, Master?”

    “Surprisingly, no; he still has a pulse. But he's completely unconscious,” Qui-Gon said as he attempted various ways to revive the Sith Lord. Kenobi winced as Jinn rolled the body over, shocked that even the pain of lying on his freshly scolded back didn't thrust the Sith back to consciousness.

    “I would wager that he's in something similar to our own Jedi Healing Trance. He must have slipped into it after he struck the force field,” Qui-Gon deduced.

    “How do we bring him out of it Master?”

    “We can't. I would say only the other Sith knows how to awaken him.”

    “The other Sith?”

    “The legends state that the Sith always come in twos Obi-Wan. A Master and an Apprentice, no more no less.”

    “Then which was this, the Master or the Apprentice?”

    “If I had to guess I would say this was the Apprentice.”

    “What makes you say that?”

    “Even though he was a magnificent fighter and well trained in the Jedi arts, he didn't use the Force lightning attack the legends say the Sith Masters were capable of.”

lightning! That's incredible!”

    “Yes and terrifying. But this is over for now.”, Qui-Gon said as he walked over to a panel on the side of the catwalk. He checked the systems and found a communicator.

    “Captain Panaka, this is Qui-Gon Jinn. Are you there?”

    “I read you Master Jinn, this is Panaka.”

    “Good, is the queen with you?”

    “Yes, she is. We are in the throne room and have taken the Viceroy prisoner. He has agreed to surrender now that the droid army has been captured by the Gungans and the control ship has been destroyed.”

    “Excellent, we are in a reactor bay adjacent to the main hanger. We need you to send a squad down here with a Bacta tank to transport the Sith we have captured.”

    “We've pinpointed your signal and will send the men down as soon as we can. Oh, and we are receiving transmissions from our ships. It seems a lone fighter took out the droid control ship with an incredible shot from inside their main hull.”

    At this, Kenobi saw a smile come over Qui-Gon's face. “I believe I know who the pilot of that fighter is.”

To Be Continued

Star Wars: Qui-Gon Lives - Part 1
The first part of my fan fic depicting a world where Qui-Gon survives his encounter with Darth Maul.  This part shows how this battle turns out and what becomes of Maul and Kenobi.  ENJOY!!

STAR WARS created by George Lucas
STAR WARS and all characters (C) 2014 Lucasfilm/Disney
I have put up the first part of my fan fic, STAR WARS: QuI-Gon Lives.  ENJOY!

Part 2 should be coming within the next two weeks.
  • Mood: Noble
I have put up the first part of my fan fic, STAR WARS: QuI-Gon Lives.  ENJOY!

Part 2 should be coming within the next two weeks.
  • Mood: Noble


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